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    What is Fertility Jewelry?

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    Fertility is normally related to the birth of a child, but also with other concepts such as gardening, new ideas, creativity, and more. Fertility jewelry is made to awaken the forces of fertility in the wearer. Many fertility jewelry designs are based on sacred geometry and astrology ideas such as the Seeds of Life, the Fruits of Life, Metatron’s Cube or Venus as the goddess of fertility.

    fertility related jewelry designs

    Ka Gold Fertility designs are created by the Artist David Weitzman. Here are some of the most prominent Fertility related jewelry Designs:

    The seed of Life Pendant – Silver

    The Seed of Life is a symbol of protection, blessing, and fertility. It helps with new ideas and creating new pathways in your life.

    Seed of Life Pendant

    Inlaid Egg of Life Star Silver

    The Inlaid Egg of Life Star pendant is a two-dimensional version of the egg of life shape which is composed of eight spheres. The Egg of Life contains the whole musical world within its eight spheres. This pendant is used for balance, fertility, and health.

    Inlaid Egg of Life Star


    The Seed of Life Ring Silver

    The Seed of Life is the primary structure of creation. The Seed of Life is a symbol of protection, balance, and wholeness. This fertility ring is suitable for new beginnings in life, as a protection during pregnancy, new ideas, and creativity.

    Seed of Life Ring


    Metatron Cube Gold and Silver

    Metatron’s Cube is named after the archangel Metatron and is derived from the structure of the Flower of Life. it holds a secret shape called the fruit of life. The intention of The Metatron Cube pendant is to open your consciousness and bring you to a higher level of peace.

    Metatron Cube Gold and Silver


    Ka Ring Gold and Silver with Gemstones

    The Ka ring is based on the structure of the Seed of Life which contains the blueprint of creation and also represents the seven days of Genesis. This fertility ring’s design starts as two circles which represent consciousness and light and ends with the Seed of Life sevenfold circle pattern. This is a symbol of creation, blessing, and fertility.

    Ka Ring Silver With Zircons


    The Pattern of Venus Silver

    The Pattern of Venus pendant was created while Venus was in her evening star phase and in mutual reception with Jupiter. Venus is the star of harmony and beauty. The shape of the Pattern of Venus pendant is a silver flower which is designed to bring creativity, harmony, love, intimacy, pleasure, and beauty.

    The Pattern of Venus


    Pentalpha (Venus) Ring Silver

    The Pentalpha (Venus) Ring connects the moon and Venus in earthly and heavenly love. In its movements
    around the earth, Venus creates a pentagram or five-pointed star. The pentagram is a symbol of fertility, high creativity, divine love, and harmony.

    Pentalpha (Venus) Ring

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