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    Three Captivating Types of Personalized Jewelry

    Personalized Jewelry

    Personalized jewelry is a hot trend for quite some time. The most well-known type of personalized design is the one with the wearer name written in metal (silver, gold or other metals). We like to share three more types of personalized jewelry from David’s collections. Custom Engraving Some of David’s designs have room for custom … Read more Three Captivating Types of Personalized Jewelry

    What is Spiritual Love – and why should you care?

    What is Spiritual Love

    In this article, we like to share with you our thoughts about spiritual love, the importance of it and how one can achieve it.  The four types of love There are four main types of love Romantic love – between couples Family love – between members of a family Friendship love – between friends Spiritual … Read more What is Spiritual Love – and why should you care?

    Saturn-Pluto Conjunction 2020 12th of January 2020 event

    saturn pluto conjunction 12th of january

    This is a very rare, and historical, Saturn Pluto conjunction (every 34-36 years). Mind you, this is a non-traditional election; obviously enough Pluto was still not discovered in ancient times, so there is no mention of him in traditional texts. Secondly, some Astral Magicians will probably argue as to the efficacy of certain configuration in … Read more Saturn-Pluto Conjunction 2020 12th of January 2020 event

    Geometric Multiplication of Vectors

    Geometric Multiplication of Vectors

    We are honored to have one of David’s designs featured inside a Geometric Algebra book. Thank you Miroslav Josipovic for the opportunity. About the book “This book enables the reader to discover elementary concepts of geometric algebra and its applications with lucid and direct explanations.“ “Why would one want to explore geometric algebra? What if … Read more Geometric Multiplication of Vectors